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Chapter 14 Introduction

Environmental Forensics

How the Atmosphere Affects Criminal Investigations & Other Professional Research

Published by Cyclogenesis Publishing (Since 1992)

Excellent material for High School through Post Secondary Education



Forensics - the new buzz word. Finding a compilation of topics on this new and fascinating field is not easy. Greg MacMaster has created a terrific book that introduces many topics in the complex and varied field of forensics. This is a 'must read' for anyone who has an interest in this rapidly emerging area. It is required reading for the 'Forensic Meteorology' class that I teach at the University of Nevada at Reno and I am sure it will soon be required in many other forensic courses across the nation. A great introduction to a fascinating study!

The influence of temperature is the most important one to the object of my forensic focus: insects on corpses. This book may help as a starter not only to check for temperature but also for microclimatic changes in forensic entomology cases. It also stresses that interdisciplinary methods – i.e., experts from different fields working together, not one expert trying to become an expert in too many fields – that leads to truly successful understanding of what happened when and how on a scene of crime.

“I have just gone through the Environmental Forensic book. I can say with some authority, this is an instant bestseller. Please have it published immediately. Forensic community would love to read it (besides of course people in the meteorology business.) Congratulations for publishing such a great work!”

Elizabeth J. Austin, Ph.D., C.C.M.

President WeatherExtreme Ltd.

Dr. Mark Benecke, Certified Forensic Biologist, 

International Forensic Research & Consulting. Koln, Germany

Dr. Anil Aggrawal

Professor of Forensic Medicine at the Maulana Azad Medical College, New Delhi



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For over 20 years, his experience in many professional fields has made him a skilled forensic meteorologist, sharing his insight with other professional investigators for a more complete investigation. Greg has carried forth his learning experience & put together  a masterful collection of information that draws from his past as a pilot, scuba diver, construction supervisor just to name a few.

He's an award winning broadcast meteorologist on TV & Radio.  Greg works in cooperation with medical examiners in estimating time of death in humans in various environmental locations. he's also a forensic weather consultant fr the History Channel;'s Deep Sea Detectives.



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